Inspirational Blog Review

There are thousands upon thousands of blogs on the internet today, many of which talk about travelling and individual’s wanderlust for new places and adventures. Many of these are just theoretical and short, having been forgotten about and left in the cobwebs of WordPress’ history. This includes a lot of university students who dream of travelling and others who like discussing other blogger’s adventures. But there is one particular blog I have found to be truly inspiring and fascinating, which is Road Essays by Jessica Lee; a travel writer and guidebook author. (

What I find to be amazing about her style of work is that it is mostly narrative non-fiction and essay-based travel writing. Being an undergraduate academic-in-training, it is really refreshing to see someone combine their literary skills so eloquently with the amazing feats of their travel. Her current posts are about the middle east and for example, discusses her cooking lessons in Anatolia as if it was a chapter in a book, and her descriptive nature created an epic series of imagery in my mind which made me crave to read on and learn more, knowing that it is a real-life situation. Towards the end of each post, she includes a brief photo slide of the place she was and it brings the whole story to life. I cannot help but appreciate such an emotive place of discussion and story-telling across the medium of the internet, it is something I expected to read in a dusty, leather clad book. She mentions some amazing recipes, the best way to hike up a boulder, and what it’s like staying with a stranger’s family. There is a fearlessness in the way these stories are told in such a powerful manner.

This has inspired my blog, to make sure that there is value to everything that I write, and when given creative work or situations; I meet them with headstrong passion. She discussed the hardships of travel as well, and that has encouraged me by building up my confidence to discuss more controversial issues; as she does with no apology for it. There is definitely something unique in simplicity of design and the power of writing, and her essays encapsulate this idea perfectly.



The vine  is used to help reflect what I feel being connected is all about. The hashtag date is the key factor; as modern technological revolutions mean the internet is always our best friend. It is the mother-ship to our social life and the human’s most frequent connection.

The connection is focused on sharing, knowledge and social fulfilment. Wanting to create memories and re-live old ones. To talk about our day and feel a part of modern society. Back in previous generations, the mode of connection would be face to face, auditory first hand discussions and interaction. When faced with long-distance; a letter or if you were fortunate: a messenger would suffice. Nowadays, this is mostly done through online social media forums, messenger apps, texting, and once upon a time, chatting on MSN. The modes and technologies may have advanced; but the intentions have not.

In the video,  I used the social media icons to display a modern connection between people, but had 1960’s polaroids to show the importance of visual stimulants for memories. We use it to keep up with the news and have discussions about it with strangers. But it also empowers us with knowledge and ideas. The music is chosen due to its minimalist composition, but uplifting tone. It helps emphasise the basic ideas we have about our connection with the world.  We create a web of complexity around simple needs and wants. As a society; we feel the need to share, manipulate and learn about other’s perceptions about the world.

Being connected is about asserting our power in online society, to satisfy our position in real life. We thirst for seeing what our friends are getting up to, voicing our political agenda without our boss seeing, and feeling accepted in this global network.